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20 Oct 2020

New mums: look after your pelvic floor (tips and yoga poses) 

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that we celebrate, but let’s be honest – it comes at some serious cost! The pelvic floor tissues are under massive strain to support a growing fetus and vaginal birth can stretch the pelvic muscles apart. Tissue tears and nerve damage, if not cared for, can lead to weaknesses and reduced sensation that follow a mum for the rest of her life.

Foundations of yoga

Foundations of Yoga 

The practice of yogic methods is not the means by itself, yet it is only out of that practice of yoga that the perfection in knowledge comes about. And so it is said by the teachers: ‘Yoga is for the purpose of knowledge of truth'” Thus wrote Shankara.

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Why do people love barre and how to do it? 

Barre, you mean the ballet dancer barre? Yep, except that everyone can do it! Barre is the latest
trend in functional workout that has made many ladies’ ballet dreams come true. It is also a highly
dynamic workout that is great for body toning and getting flat abs! If you are tempted to try it out,
keep on reading!

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You Thought Yoga Was Just Stretching? 

What was once ridiculed as a bizarre fad is today seen as a basic skill and many people who looked upon Yoga as a stunt or physical regimen set aside for only the flexible have now accepted it as a way of life. With its combination of poses, breathing exercises and principles, Yoga, my friends is way more than just a stretching routine.